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Covid-19 Update
Gas has been declared an essential product.
We will be able to deliver emergency gas repairs and maintenance for the duration of the lockdown, we have sufficient product to see us through this period, we will have technical staff available for any emergencies.
It was gazetted yesterday 25.3.2020 officially, that gas is indeed considered essential emergency gas repairs and maintenance and the supply thereof is an essential service.

We believe what the government means by essential services -  - is the emergency gas repairs and maintenance of gas to commercial entities still operating during the lockdown as well as home users who are using gas for cooking, heating, and sanitation. We also believe there is a requirement to be available should any emergency action be required in terms of leaks etc.

While all queries will be responded to, anything urgent/critical/essential in nature will be dealt with through whatever mechanisms are required (which might include visiting locations to assist with leaks, etc).
Traditional retail operations will be limited to everything up to where something face-to-face is required (delivery of goods, installations, etc). All this can, however, be scheduled for after the lockdown period.

Essential Services will service the whole of Gauteng.
Essential Services will service the whole of the East Rand.
Essential Services service Boksburg.
Essential Services will service Alberton.
Essential Services service Edenvale.
Essential Services service Brakpan.
Essential Services service Springs

We will be telephonically available on 083 592 5450  (these are mobile numbers, our switchboard will not be answered for the duration of the lockdown) and available via email on and of course any requests sent via the website will be answered.

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