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Domestic Installation Pricing

To prevent high installation costs we have compiled the following basic package deal which can be used without visiting the site.   (Please note: this is only an indication of pricing and cannot be taken as an agreed quotation).

For clarity on the below information, “point” is understood as a single installation consisting of one or more appliances connected to the source i.e the gas cylinder/cylinders.

Site inspections/quotations are free.

( Option 1 ) Gas Installation  " Inside " 

Installation in a separate cupboard in the kitchen called a “cupboard installation” .Maximum a 9Kg Gas Bottle is permitted  in the kitchen, the 9kg gas bottle must have its own cupboard  with nothing else in it Cost   R1800.00     Gas Bottle not included in price.Additional charges will be included for distances exceeding the standard 5m. (@ R100.00 Per Meter )

(Option 2 ) " Outside "  Gas Installation connected to a single gas cylinder. 

A Single Pigtail + Regulator be used (Gas Cylinders Not included  in price ),

the estimated installation cost will be  R2400.00  for 5m distance. Additional charges will be included for distances exceeding the standard 5m. (@ R100.00 Per Meter )

( Option 3 )  " Outside "  Gas Installation connected to a Two gas cylinders. 

The 1st points estimated cost will  be   R3000.00  (Gas Cylinders Not included  in this price )

All   inclusive. Gas Bottle not included in price. The materials provided with the 1st point extend up to 5m and are as follows:  Additional charges will be included for distances exceeding the standard 5m. (@ R100.00 Per Meter )


 2 x Pigtails for 2 gas cylinders     ( Gas Cylinders Not Included In Price )

This Installation Includes: 1.manual changeover switch, low pressure regulator, 5m of piping, reducers, fittings, emergency shut off valves, flex hose, LPG identification stickers, connectors and connections to appliances, pressure testing of pipeline and compliance certificate as well as labour and call-out fee. Any extra points required will have an additional cost which will be discussed with the installer before the installation. 

The above price list is for a single Gas appliance installation .For more than one Gas appliance being installation a quote will have to be processed

Exclusions that will influence the pricing structure Please note that these prices do not include plumbing for water heaters or geysers although we do have a plumber on site and additional charges can be worked in for plumbing. According to the standards set by the LPG Gas Association from time to time we must make use of certain material to adhere to the standards set out by other regulating authorities, for example a small roof would be needed for cylinders that are going to be standing under windows or should there be a need to run piping through the ceiling, trac pipe and only trac pipe will be used.

Gas cylinders are not included in any pricing structure.

 When more than one appliance is connected to the pipe line and the pipe line becomes too long for a low pressure regulator we will have to make use of a 1st and 2nd stage regulator  At some sites Pex-al-Pex pipe will not be allowed to be used for safety or other reasons. In this case either copper or carbon steel will be used which will impact the quote quite dramatically as these pipes are far more expensive and a lot more labour intensive.

 Additional charges will be lodged for any pipe line exceeding the standard 5 meter length.

Chasing or digging of trenches will be an additional charge.

We Do not do any electrical connections.

All prices are and will be subject to site inspections

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